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I decided to write this post in english since i feel like a big responsibility with all the guests that made a huge effort coming from the other side side to side of the world, doing an exhausting 23 hour fly to celebrate the love with Santiago and Anna, and this is just a small way to say thank you for coming to Cartagena to demonstrate that love is the most powerful energy in the world, being capable to run through frontiers living behind race, culture, languages and skin colour. We had the perfect recipe to have an unforgettable wedding; one of the best wedding destination in the world as it is Cartagena de Indias, a perfect windy february weather and the closer friends. From the beginning of that day when i saw the bride making up herself i knew that it would be a very funny and chill out wedding. Anna i have to say it was the first time i see this and it was amazing. You totally are a make up artist!👏🙇.

My passion are the stories. Hearing, remembering and telling them is what really makes my heart beat, it doesn’t matter if they are told in a movie, a song, a book, a movie or obviously in a photography.  In this sense, it was such a great experience to be there on Santiago’s wedding sharing with family and friends, specially because as the time went by, a lot of school time images came into my mind all over that day: when we were small children playing soccer with «Cebollas» near his home, irresponsibly descending a hill seated on top of a four wheel skate (by the way, i remembered how that didn’t end so well for me!😵), when Cebolla’s felt down doing extreme in line skating and broke his elbow, the first time we tried rum at a family meeting on Santiago’s house and so on… endless typical stories of teenage years that made me smile while i remembered them.

Anna and Santiago👰👦i have to tell you that yours was such a beautiful and magical wedding, were the protocol wasn’t a priority and the real thing was to share your happines with the people you love. I see how you complement each other very well and i wish you only the best in this new stage of your life were you will begin to walk and grow together.

One of the most cool things for me at the end of this special day, is that it ended up with new beutiful and funny stories beside people that in one way or another played a rol in my life when i was a child. Vic and Wirri trying to catch up the rhythm of the dancers, Guty’s big debout as «yo me llamo» Romeo Santos and so many other wonderful moments that we lived that day will be saved in my memory as new chapter that i have the chance to live beside old school friends.

Remember to leave your messages and good wishes for Anna and Santiago at the end of this blog! 👇👇👇

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Cartagena Weddings

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